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Builder Gel

BASELESS - can be used alongside any Magpie Base if preferred


Effortless SELF LEVEL

Free from HEMA, IBOA & DI-HEMA

Vegan friendly and cruelty free

EXTEND using forms or tips

Suitable for natural nail overlays

10 SHADES available

CHIP & LIFT resistant

100% GEL

3 WEEKS + wear 

60 SECOND cure


1. Complete thorough dry nail prep. Push back the cuticle from the nail plate. Remove ALL non-living tissue with a sharp cuticle tool and nippers if needed. Shape the free edge into the desired shape using a 240 grit zebra file. Use the same file (not a buffer) to lightly etch the surface to remove shine. Apply a generous amount of Magpie Prep & Dehydrate liquid to a lint free wipe. Scrub the nail plate, side walls and underneath the free edge thoroughly. Perfect prep is VITAL to a long-lasting manicure. If there is any dust, oil or dead skin left on the nail, no matter how small, the product may start to lift.

2. For the first layer, like you would base coat. Apply BUILD IT thinly, making sure to seal every free edge and cure for 60 seconds in your Magpie Lamp. If preferred you can switch this step to any Magpie Base. There should be no product touching the cuticle area or side walls. Use the Magpie Sir tool, to clean up any areas if needed.

3. Apply a THIN layer of BUILD IT, DO NOT cure. This will act as your 'slip' layer to help manoeuvre the next layer around the surface. Place a larger bead of builder gel onto the nail in to the apex location. Use your brush to lightly move the product in to place. Make it nice and neat around the cuticle area without touching the skin, then feather the remaining product down towards the free edge. Apply as many layers of BUILD IT as the natural nail requires. Weaker and longer nails will need more structured layers.

4. Using Magpie Prep and Dehydrate to remove the inhibition layer. Use a new wipe for each hand. Finish file and buff to refine if needed. Apply your chosen gel colour, top coat and cuticle oil.

For best results we recommend using the Magpie Gel Lamp




Price per unit £ 14.00

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