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Perfect Poly Pot Collection

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Magpie Acrygel 

Acrygel is a acrylic/gel hybrid system which cures under LED light. Magpie Perfect Poly offers a PERFECT consistency like no other. She is sculpted and moulded into shape effortlessly with her amazing self levelling properties.

♥︎ Odour FREE 
♥︎ Hema FREE 
♥︎ Vegan & Cruelty Free 
♥︎ Plenty of play time
♥︎ Easy file
♥︎ Strong like Acrylic
♥︎ Flexible like Gel
♥︎ Available in 5 shades
♥︎ Available in pots & tubes
♥︎ Suitable for natural nail overlays or extensions
♥︎ Amazing for beginners
♥︎ Magpie Perfect Poly Acrygel Masterclass COMING SOON! 
♥︎ Base coat required.

For best results we recommend to use alongside your Magpie Lamp and Magpie Perfect Poly Liquid, curing for 2 minutes.

This Collection includes 5 x 30ml Pots

♥︎ Ice Baby
♥︎ Coconut
♥︎ Rosé
♥︎ Sweet Peach
♥︎ Pink Fizz




Price per unit £ 82.50

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