Glitter Full Set

Magpie Glitter Full Set

Glitter Full Set


151 Magpie Glitters including the latest release Birthstone Collection ( please note the full collection doesn't currently include Laura from the Rainbow Collection)

12 Magpie Supercharged Holo Glitter

4 Magpie Glitter Bits

1 Magpie Premium Dust Shelly

1 Magpie Premium Dust Starla

1 Magpie Premium Dust Pandora

1 Magpie HoloChrome Dust AURORA

13 Magpie Dusts

1 Magpie Two Faced Dust (set of 3)

1 Magpie Two Faced Flakes (set of 3)

7 Magpie Pigments

1 Magpie Two Faced Holos (set of 4)

1 Magpie Chrome Jewels (set of 5)

1 Magpie Iconic Chrome Collection (set of 7)

22 Magpie Shapes

5 Magpie Foil Leaf 

9 Magpie Large Hexigan Shapes

5 Magpie Chrome Flakes

3 Magpie Glitter Brushes

1 Magpie a Glitter Stand



Price per unit £ 996.88

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