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Magpie Complete

Gel Colour Kit


135 Gel Colours including the latest release, Shimmer and Shine collection.  The full list of Magpie Gel Colours included in this order can be found below.

All About Mimi

Anastasia Steel

April Showers

Bella Rouge

Black Betty

Bobby Dazzler

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Cat Got The Cream

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Pie

Come on Eileen

Crikey Nora

Cotton Candy

Darling Clementine

Days of Dawn

Denim Jean

Dizzy Lizzy

Dorothys Slipper

Funtime Frankie

Fannie Annie

Geez Louise

Georgie Porgie

Go with the Flo

Hannah Banana

Ginger Rogers

Granny Smith

Goodness Gracious Me

Good Golly Miss Molly

Hazel Nut

Jenny Wren

Honey Bunny

Heidi Boo

Mona Lisa

Maggie Mae

Moaning Minnie

Meltdown Margaret

Nude Jude

Olive You More

Peaches and Cream

Pansy Potter

Pearls a Singer

Plain Jane

Poison Ivy

Pretty Polly

Queen Vick

Rosie Lea

Silly Billy

Strong Gail

Sue Wah Diddy

Sweet Coraline

Tasty Tina

Tinker Taylor

Toodle Lou

Tweedle Dee

Whoa Nelly

Lima Ada

Shrinking Violet

Jazzy Jo

Aqua Marina

Eye Candy

Lolly Pop

Oopsy Daisy

Leap of faith

May Day

Oh Sandy

Busy Bea

Genie in a Bottle

Life of Riley

Mauve-ulous Mavis

Marla Mouse

Ruby Murray

Pat a Cake

Midnight Sky

Pip squeak

Teresa Green

Lucky Penny

Uma Days

Not on my Nelly

Garden of Eadie

Caribbean Sea

Hilda Flower

Water Melony

Mama Mia



Juicy Lucy

Blue Sky

Misty Morning

Jumping for Joy

Tinker Bell

Coral Reef

Pump Kim

Pop Star

Fresh as a Daisy

Little bo Peep

Nina cherry

Jungle Jane

Bloody Mary

Dear Deirdre

Hunky Dory

Tickety Boo

Dot to Dot

Hula Tallulah

Grit and Grace

Handbags at Dawn

Cioa Bella

Bea Happy

Moaning Myrtle


Come What May

Mother of Pearl

Forget Mia Not

Angelina Ballerina

Vintage Rose

Calla Lily 

Memory Laine

Summer Loving


June Bug

Ugly Betty


Oh Cecelia

Crown Jules 

Disco Diva

Ruby Tuesday

Black Cherry 

Why Delilah 

40 Denier 


Brandy Snap

Sherry Trifle 

North Star

Diamond In The Sky

Luna Eclipse

Rockey Robin

Don't Be Tacky

Shine Bright

All About the Base

Give Me Strength 

Give Me Strength Rosa

Give Me Strength Peach

Velvet Top Coat

Rubber Up

Like a Diamond 

Prep & Dehydrate



NEW STYLE Magpie Lamp 




Price per unit £ 1,193.92

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