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Get a Grip

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Rubber Base

Magpie GET A GRIP - our HEMA FREE rubber base layer offers super adhesion with minimal lifting and chipping. GET A GRIP is a thicker formula to our standard base layer (ALL ABOUT THE BASE). This helps to give extra protection to weak and brittle nails with excellent flexibility and great for covering unevenness of natural nails.

With 1 coat GET A GRIP can be used for natural nail overlays or as a base layer for builder gel, structure gel and acrygel.

Apply 2 layers for a structured manicure.

Magpie GET A GRIP is easy soak off formula.

Cure time is 60s LED. It is recommended to use GET A GRIP alongside the Magpie lamp to ensure full curing of the product. For further advise please contact your Magpie educator or email us 

How to use: Prep your nails and scrub with Magpie Prep & Dehydrate. Apply a thin layer to the nail. Cure for 60 seconds in your LED Lamp. If you require extra structure and support apply a second layer. Magpie GET A GRIP can be used on its own or alongside Magpie GIVE ME STRENGTH, BUILD ME UP & our Acrygel System - PERFECT POLY, simply apply them to the tacky layer. GET A GRIP is a easy soak off formula. To remove file the top to break the surface and soak. If you are removing it alongside one of our enhancement products, file to a thin layer or until you are close to the GET A GRIP layer and soak. 


Rubber Base



Price per unit £ 11.50

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