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FULL ON Tips Almond

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Magpie ‘FULL ON’ TIPS are a fun new express service for professionals nail technicians.

Please visit our YouTube Channel for full tutorial.

How do Magpie 'FULL ON' TIPS work?

Magpie ‘FULL ON’ TIPS have a built in apex. Once this is filled with product and applied to the nail it gives you the perfect strength and structure needed for a long lasting enhancement. Magpie ‘FULL ON’ TIPS when applied correctly you should get 3 weeks wear. They can be used alongside our Magpie FULL ON Gel, BUILD ME UP Pots, Magpie Acrygel or Acrylic System. You can also change the length and shape to suit your client.

Before applying you must ensure the underneath is etched with a e-file or file for good adhesion. Alternatively you can use our FULL ON Primer to etch the nail.

They are soaked off easily, like any enhancement when using alongside a soak off system. They can also be infilled if you prefer.

Magpie FULL ON Nail Tips:


-Made from PREMIUM ABS Plastic, acts just like a gel

-Full coverage, press on sculpt-less tips

-Super Quick Application

-Thin sidewalls with reinforced apex and free edge

-Use with any system

-Soak Off

-504 pcs

-Sizes 0-11



Price per unit £ 19.95


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