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Magpie Beauty has been inspiring people and feeding your glitter obsession since 2015. We are a family run business, with each one of us extremely passionate about what we do.

After initially launching with a small collection we have gone from strength to strength taking the nail industry by storm, a pretty big glittery one! We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far and thank each and every one of our customers for your support along the way.

I, Sarah Shakespeare, the founder of Magpie Beauty Ltd have over 10 years' experience within the nail industry. Just like you, I am a nail technician that's extremely passionate about my job. I believe this is what makes Magpie, Magpie! We know exactly what people want from a brand. We are a trusted, fun brand, designed by professionals, providing you with that little bit of something special to give to your customers. It's definitely our winning recipe.

Our products are truly outstanding, we do not retail anything less! On top of this we offer excellent customer service via email at, we have a fantastic support group on Facebook which has fast become a real community of likeminded nail technicians, offering hints, tips and inspirations to one another.

We are very excited to be rolling out Magpie Education, it is certain to be THE BEST, most beautiful education out there.

Enjoy making the world a more bright and sparkly one with Magpie.

Much Love… TEAM MAGPIE x


Magpie Gel Colours are a 3-week wear, highly pigmented soak-off gel polish. They have been designed to offer excellent coverage without and shrinkage or wrinkling & have an extremely tacky inhibition layer to work perfectly with Magpie Glitter. Magpie Gel Colour is a 100% gel, not a hybrid product meaning long-lasting, strong colour coverage for natural nails & enhancements & is easily removed in just 10 minutes.


How much product is in all of the Magpie Gel Colours? 

15ml per bottle 

How many applications per Base Layer bottle? 

Approximately 85 - 95 applications per 15ml bottle 

How many applications per Magpie Gel Polish bottle? 

Approximately 70 - 80 applications per bottle? 

How many applications per Top Coat bottle? 

Approximately 60 - 70 applications per bottle? 

What is the cost per service? 

The approximate cost per service is £2.50? 

Are all colours 2 layers for full coverage? 

To achieve the best results we recommended a 2 layer application process, however, Magpie Gel Colour are so highly pigmented they offer great coverage after 1 layer. 

What is the shelf life of the colours? 

12 month period after opening. 

To get the full 12-month shelf life from your Magpie Gel Colour please ensure that the products are sealed, stored away from direct sunlight or ambient light and are kept in a dry environment at room temperature. 

Who can buy Magpie Gel Colour? 

Magpie Gel Colour is a professional only product. Our Gel Colour can only be purchased by technicians holding a recognised training certi cate in manicure/ Gel Polish application. 

What qualification is required to purchase and provide professional services using Magpie Gel Colour? 

Anyone that holds a recognised manicure/ gel polish or enhancement 

qualification can purchase the professional Magpie Gel Colour System. 

Is Magpie Gel Colour Cruelty-Free? 


Is Magpie Gel Colour 5 FREE?

Yes. They do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP or camphor. 

How should I apply Magpie Gel Colour over Liquid & Powder? 

The best way to apply Magpie Gel Colour is to file and buff the enhancement with a 180 grit file or buffer, cleanse the nail with Magpie Prep & Dehydrate, then begin with the Magpie Gel Colour, there is no need to use our Base Coat when working on enhancements. 

Can you use it with other brands/ or full system? 

Magpie Gel Colour has been tried and tested as a system & should be used as a complete 3 step process to achieve the optimum results. We cannot guarantee that there will not be service breakdown if it is used in conjunction with other base or topcoats. 

How often will new Magpie Gel Colour be launching? 

As Magpie Beauty likes to keep technicians up to date with the most relevant colours, new collections will be launched seasonally. 


  • Complete your client consultation & sanitise the hands 
  • Gently shape the eponychium with your cuticle tool 

Tech Tip - Do not use cuticle oils/ creams at this point as they can absorb into the nail art cause lifting

  • Loosen, lift and remove cuticle from the surface of the nail, paying special attention down the sidewalls and at the base of the nail
  • File the free edge of the nail with a 240 grit file ensuring the edge is left smooth

Tech Tip - Oily nails option: gently remove surface oils with a 240 grit buffer to ensure superior adhesion & longevity.

Tech Tip - Dry, peeling nails: If the natural nail has peeling (delamination) on the free edge, gently file with a 240 grit thin wood file till it is removed

  • Remove dust with a manicure brush
  • Thoroughly cleanse the surface of the nail and under the free edge of the nail with Magpie Prep and Dehydrate. This will remove surface oils & remove pathogens which could cause infections.
  • When the nail has dried thinly apply Magpie All About The Base ensuring that you seal the extension edges to avoid chipping and cure in your lamp (LED: 30 seconds).

Tech Tip - Ridged nails: work the product in firmly to ensure that the base coat is applied into any ridges in the nail. 

  • Apply Magpie Gel Colour of your choice in a generous even coat, ensuring that you avoid flooding the cuticles or sidewalls and seal the free edges thoroughly.  Cure in your lamp (LED: 1 minute).  Repeat to allow 2 colour coats.                  
  • Apply Magpie Let It Shine in a thin coat, ensuring that you cover the entire nail and seal the free edges thoroughly. Cure in your lamp (LED: 1 minute).
  • Generously apply Magpie Cleanse to a lint-free wipe and cleanse all 10 nails thoroughly to reveal a super high shine & finish with Magpie TLC Nourish to Flourish Cuticle Oil.

Step back and admire 

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