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To say Ashgate hospice holds a special place in Magpie Beauty’s heart is an understatement.  Unfortunately, many will know how special hospice care is, with first-hand experience too.
Anyone who knows the Magpie family will know that they lost Mr Magpie’s (Damien Shakespeare) parents at this hospice, and within the last 12 months, Mrs Magpie (Sarah Shakespeare) lost her Nan and her Mum at the hospice too.Sparklewalk 2021
One of Sarah’s goals and dreams has always been to sponsor the Ashgate Hospice sparkle walk, a big event for the local hospice close to Magpie HQ. Magpie proudly sponsored the t-shirts and medals for the event this year, 2021.
TEAM MAGPIE are incredibly proud of Sarah – her kindness, helpfulness and support for so many amazing charities, as well as her team, has been absolutely outstanding and inspirational, throughout an exceptionally tough time.
As a family and a company, Sarah and Damien get so much pleasure from giving back to their local community. They proudly support their local football and cycling teams too.
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