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Get to know our Magpie Educators Anona Grice & Sinead Bulley who share their favourite Halloween nail products and top tips…

SineadHi, I’m Sinead, Magpie educator for Cambridgeshire. I’ve been in the nail industry for 12 years and I absolutely love it. I’ve won multiple awards over the years and been a finalist for many accolades, mostly for my mixed media nail art creations and photographic nail art.

I love being an educator for Magpie as it’s the perfect role to help me pass on my passion for Magpie products and nail skills to help others achieve in the industry. It makes me so proud to see my students work.

I have always loved Halloween from a young age. I think what really got me into it was watching the nightmare before Christmas when I was little. I always loved Tim burton films – anything that was a little weird or different, so I think it’s developed from that. This year I’ve gone extra crazy with the decorations and done a Halloween tree!

Halloween treeI get lots of my inspiration from Pinterest for Halloween nails ideas. If I find cool background pictures I’ll always save them to create an idea from, sometimes Halloween decorations and from other amazing nail techs too.

I price Halloween nail art by how much longer the design will take me to do. Things that are quicker like glitter, flakes etc may only take 10/15 mins extra cost £5, anything more intricate will cost more. You have to make it worth your while and charge for your time.

For my Halloween nails design on Anona, we very loosely gave each other a theme but pretty much had free reign within this, Anona chose ‘Witchy’ so I found a background picture on Pinterest which I really loved so took elements from there and applied them to the nail.

Sineads Halloween Nails

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Sinead’s Halloween Nails step by steps:

❤︎ Paint a base layer of GMS Peach – do not cure. Dot BEA HAPPY, POISON IVY, MRS MULBERRYDENIM JEAN in a line on MIXING PALETTE. Using the OMBRÉ BRUSH, scoop underneath all the colours. Drag the brush (mix facing up) onto the wet nail moving from side to side sliding the gel onto the nail to create swirls. Once happy with your swirls cure for 60 seconds.

❤︎ Apply pieces of BLACK & LAVENDER LEAF to areas of the nail’s tacky layer – flash cure 10 seconds to secure in place. Then coat with GMS CLEAR and cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Wipe off tacky layer using PREP & DEHYDRATE liquid, buff over using 240 BUFFER and wipe with PREP & DEHYDRATE liquid to ensure clean surface for painting.

You can recreate these nails by clicking the product names in capital letters which link to shop our ranges. 

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Anona Grice - expert in Halloween nailsHi, I’m Anona Grice, Magpie Educator for Hertfordshire & North London, I’m better known as NonaPhilippa from Youtube and Instagram.

I’ve been doing nails for 8 years which all started with my love of art! I started using Magpie in 2015 and become one of the first Brand Ambassadors and then became an Educator in 2019.

My favourite Halloween film has to be Hocus Pocus! I’m not into scary films but anything to do with witches is my thing. I loved the film growing up and can recite the script word for word! I watch it all the way through the year and my favourite quote is “what a glorious morning…makes me sick!”

I knew Sinead was a Tim Burton Fan and loved the movies Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride, so I found some inspiration pictures on Pinterest and loved the idea of having each hand a different colour.

For Halloween nail ideas I always love Magpie Educator Amanda Byrne’s Halloween design nails she hand paints a lot of characters like me so I’m always amazed at what she does. Plus Sinead also creates amazing sets too.

BLACK BETTY gel colour along with BlOODY MARY Magpie really are the best base colours for Halloween art. I have loved using SABRINA for black Halloween nails – with it being matte black it adds a great sparse effect. I also use WINIFRED, MORTICIAN and URSULA a lot this time of year too. The duo-chrome effect gives a fantastic spooky feeling.The NAIL ART STICKERS 146, 147 are a must-have too! The new glow in the dark range has made it so easy this year – my clients have loved them!halloween nails blue and green

Anona’s Halloween Nails step by step:

❤︎ Apply ALOE VERA and BLUE SKY as base colours – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Topcoat using VELVET TOP – flash cure 10 seconds.

❤︎ Add BABY & CRUELLA pigments to the cuticle area and free edge – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Cap using GIVE ME STRENGTH gel – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Paint graveyard scenes using BLACK GEL PAINT and DETAILER BRUSH.

❤︎ Finish with LIKE A DIAMOND top coat – cure 60 seconds. Wait to cool then CLEANSE.

Download this Blog as a PDF to keep.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our fabulous educators. Remember to tag Sinead @nailsbysinead13 & Anona @nonaphillipa in any recreations – we cant wait to see them!
Much love…

Download this Blog as a PDF to keep.

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