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Torties have taken over the nail industry this year. It’s a gorgeous style but can be time consuming and tricky for techs to master.  Thanks to one of Magpie’s latest foil releases, DONATELLO, tortoise shell has never been so easy! Brand Ambassador Jess Kemp @jessrosebeauty takes us step by step through her simply stunning torties:

❤︎ Paint base of FULL FOILED – cure 120 seconds.

❤︎ Apply DONATELLO  foil. Secure with a layer of GMS – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Apply 2 coats of BROWN JELLIE – cure 60 seconds in between each layer.

❤︎ Randomly splodge BLACK BETTY on top – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ TOP COAT – cure 60 seconds.

Magpie Educator Mandy Reid @bossnailsmandy creates a classy twist using KAA foil paired with NOVEMBER glitter. We are drooling over these..

First Mandy painted a base of BMU BUFF then COME WHAT MAY curing for 60 seconds in between each layer. Then used JUNGLE JANE to create lines down the centre of nail using the STRIPER BRUSH, cured, and wiped away the tacky layer with PREP & DEHYDRATE. Next she went over the green lines with FULL FOILED, cured and applied KAA. Mandy mixed NOVEMBER glitter with GMS clear and faded with the striper brush, cured, and capped whole design in clear GMS. Finally she applied TOP IT OFF to finish.

We love Brand Ambassador, Nicola Dannatt @redcarpetnailbotique‘s leopard print design using PRINCE foil. You can recreate her design by following these simple step by steps:

❤︎ Apply 2 layers of JAZZY JO – cure 60 seconds each layer.

❤︎ Wipe over the nail with PREP & DEHYDRATE to remove tacky layer from colour.

❤︎ Create random circular shapes on the nail for the base of your leopard print with FULL FOILED – cure 120 seconds.

❤︎ Apply foil PRINCE to the areas you applied FULL FOILED.

❤︎ Apply 1 even layer of GMS clear to entire nail – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Wipe over with PREP & DEHYDRATE to remove any tacky layer, then apply 1 even layer of VELVET TOP – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Using BLACK GEL PAINT + and the PREMIUM DETAILER 6 BRUSH, create leopard print outlines – cure 60 seconds.

Brand Ambassador Adelina Walker @hellobeautifulnailbar stuns with her vintage design. Adelina used a base of NUDE JUDE, then applied random stickers from sheets 082, 102, 097, 099 on a cleansed surface using PREP & DEHYDRATE. To encapsulate the stickers she used GMS clear. Then painted FULL FOILED in sections and after a 120 second cure she applied MILO and PRINCE foils. Encapsulation is key to long lasting layered designs, so GMS clear was used again straight after. To add some chrome details, Adelina used BLACK GEL PAINT, STRIPER BRUSH, SILICONE TOOL & SOFT DUSTER BRUSH. To finish Adelina topped with LIKE A DIAMOND in a generous layer.

Magpie Educator Sophie Hudd shares how she created her fantastic foil set:

❤︎ Apply base of GET A GRIP PINK and GMS clear, cure for 60 seconds in between.

❤︎ Remove tacky layer using  PREP & DEHYDRATE and buff using 240 BUFFER.

❤︎ Paint stars using DETAILER BRUSH and FULL FOILED – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Apply SUE – HELEN, PEGGY – SUE & JOEY foils to the stars.

❤︎ Encapsulate using GMS clear – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Top coat using VELVET TOP – cure 60 seconds.

❤︎ Top coat stars using TOP IT OFF – cure 60 seconds.

Thank you to our Ambassadors and Educators for sharing their top tips and inspirational sets. Remember to tag us in your foil recreations and use the hashtag #everythingmagpie @magpie_beauty for a chance to be featured on our Instagram. We can’t wait to see!

Much Love…


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